Thursday, August 27, 2009

On Wednesday morning we were able to sleep in and have a free day for some sightseeing and exploring London. At breakfast we learned that Jeremy Walker one of our coaches became engaged to former Moravian student, Kasey Lund at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. on Tuesday. They had taken the train there on Tuesday. There was lots of shopping on Wednesday and many of our group were able to spend more time in places that they had seen earlier in their travels. In the evening we traveled to south London for a game with the CIA Select team. This team was a group of players who had grown up in the club's program which works hard to help the disadvantaged youth of south London. It is much like our Boys and Girls Clubs in the USA. Although the team had several current and former DI players and was very strong around the basket, the Hounds were more disciplined on offense and forced numerous turnovers with our defense. We built a 7 point lead at halftime and with a strong 3rd quarter went on to win by a 79-62 score.
After arriving back late on Wednesday we still ate an early breakfast and headed out for Stonehenge and Bath and a full day of sightseeing and bus riding. Stonehenge, which appears t0 be just a pile of big stones was very impressive. It is a mystery how the stones were moved such a long distance and why and how they were erected. The site was explained and organized very well. We then drove on to the City of Bath and the Roman Baths. It is the best preserved warm water baths in the world and was very interesting. Much of it is underground and is still being excavated. The town which is mostly Georgian architecture is quiet beautiful. After a long drive back we had a good dinner and an early night to bed since wakeup is at 6:30am and we play another game tomorrow.